Community reading at The Gathering Place this Wednesday

For the past few years I’ve taught for Megaphone‘s community writing program. Megaphone is Vancouver’s street newspaper and focuses largely on issues pertaining to social justice and anti-poverty activism. The community writing program provides workshops in housing projects, drop-in centres and community centres, establishing safe open-access spaces for writing. These are intentional safe spaces for those living with systemic poverty. Currently, I’m running the groups at Gathering Place and QMUNITY. I’ve taught at a number of housing projects, drop-ins and community centres.

The group at Gathering Place is the most consistent and well-attended group I’ve run. These writers have written together for over a year and we are having our second public reading (the first was last spring) this Wednesday in the theatre at Gathering Place, which is at the corner of Helmcken and Seymour, just north of Vancouver’s West End neighbourhood. Many writers at the Gathering Place have been published in Megaphone through the group. I’m very proud of the writing that has come out of this group.

The reading begins at 5:45 and we’ll wrap up around 7:30. All are welcome. There is an open mic after the writers present their work; just sign up before the readings to speak. Each reader will also be speaking to the theme of Literary Tribe, a theme that I’m happy they’ve chosen to describe our group!

There will be tea and snacks served. Children are welcome. The Facebook event is here.

Wednesday November 28th
Gathering Place Theatre (Helmcken & Seymour)



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