Book forthcoming

My collection of short stories, People Who Disappear, will be published by Freehand. Some of the stories in the collection appeared in various literary journals. Thanks to the following: Descant, Prairie Fire, The Fiddlehead, Event, Joyland and Matrix. Thanks also to Oberon Press, specifically the anthologies Best Canadian Stories 09 (ed. John Metcalf) and Coming Attractions 09 (ed. Mark Anthony Jarman). For their significant feedback on these stories I’d like to thank Linda Svendsen and Lorraine Weir.

And an update on BLACKOUT AT THE CANDAHAR, the public art project I ran with poet Elizabeth Bachinsky during the Vancouver Olympics: the folio of BLACKOUT poems and essays about the project will be in the next issue of subTerrain. Other new work will be out soon in FRONT and The New Quarterly. My story “People Who Are Michael,” which won Matrix‘s fiction contest, is still out in the current issue of Matrix.



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