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Recently poet Sachiko Murakami started up a website The Hardest Thing About Being a Writer  that’s updated every week with an interview with a writer talking about their “hardest thing” about writing. Having published two books and currently working away on my third, I’d say that one of the hardest things is the sheer endurance required by writing. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, as a mentor told me once, and I rolled my eyes.

Recently I taught a workshop in a local high school for the Vancouver International Writers Festival outreach program. Many thanks to English teacher Rakshin Kandola and her Grade 11 students for their enthusiasm and hospitality. While talking to the students about my writing and publishing process, I realized I sold my first short story to a literary journal nearly 10 years ago. TEN YEARS. Horrifying.

A couple things about the new book I’m working on. Some pieces from it are in the current issue of Poetry Is Dead magazine, edited by poet Ben Rawluk

I also have a couple pieces from the project in Coast Mountain Culture.  CMC is an outdoors magazine but reached out to me for their fiction issue.

They turned a few sentences from one of my pieces into this gorgeous graphic cover:




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