Two reviews

Thank you Douglas Luman for this wonderful response to my book at The Found Poetry Review. It is so gratifying to read such a thoughtful, thorough response.

The form of the book, the feeling and space that it inhabits, is reminiscent of Kaia Sand’s Remember to Wave, though the subject matter and arrangement of the books are as different as they are alike. The immediate ability draw the reader in is palpable, and does not let go fully, even if the final speaker of the book attempts to disengage. The potential offered by such a use of self-erasure certainly demonstrates that the space occupied by the second hand, one often vacated or ill-attended by poetry, can be a powerful place in which to meet a reader and establish relationships that, even if they aren’t exactly us, offer the possibility of seeing ourselves in them.

You can read the whole review here.  Michael Dennis has a response to the book up on his blog, writing that the book is “magnificent and intriguing stuff.”

It is a bit like watching grapes become wine, wine become brandy.  True alchemy.

You can read it here.



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