Continuous updates on self are labour-intensive

People keep telling me I should ditch WordPress for Tumblr, but then I would feel obligated to repost everything that happens to me as it happens which would probably result in never writing anything ever again. So here is another bundle-of-recent-things post.

On Saturday I read at an ecopoetry event in Stanley Park with Elaine Woo, Stephen Collis, Bernice Lever and Jordan Abel. This event was to support the 100,000 Poets For Change movement. The poems read at the event will be released in a chapbook which you can get through Moon Willow Press.

If you follow my blog you’re already tired of hearing about the Queer issue of Poetry Is Dead magazine, which I’ve been editing over the past year (YEAR!). It is about to go to print. Woohoo. On Sunday I hosted a reading at the Vancouver Word On The Street Festival features six of the Vancouver contributors: Leah Horlick, kierst wade, Antonette Rae, Ben Rawluk, Lydia Kwa and Jen Currin. To get the issue, subscribe to Poetry Is Dead by visiting our website. We’ll be posting about our launch soon.

Another event for the Queer issue is this coming Sunday. I will be performing with listen chen at Project Space (222 E Georgia) at 6 PM. We’ll be presenting work that moves across text, image and sound. All details are here. All are welcome.

Recently, I posted that I published a series of prose poems in new Canadian Queer journal PlenitudePlenitude received an amazing review in queer powerhouse blog Autostraddle here

Plenitude also received an amazing review on Casey The Lesbrarian’s blog here.

Both reviews single out my work, which is gratifying because it is truly rare to hear back from readers (especially Queer readers) as a writer publishing in magazines and journals between book-length projects. I’m a regular reader of both these blogs so this was particularly gratifying for me.

I have more prose poetry out soon in Descant‘s Hidden City special issue, part of my ongoing “Vancouver For Beginners” series.

The “I Know How Small A Story Can Be” series will resume tomorrow.



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