A couple things: People Who Disappear now available as an eBook + Harrison reading

My book People Who Disappear can now be purchased through the Google bookstore ($13) here. The book will be available soon on Kobo, the ibookstore and Barnes & Noble soon.

I’m reading on Monday in Harrison. All info is here.

And consider contributing to poet Sachiko Murakami’s online collaborative project ‘HENKO: A POWELL STREET MANYWAY RENGA.‘ To add to this traditional Japanese poem (Web 2.0 version) click on the + sign beside any of the stanzas. You can see the whole poem in its current form by clicking “every way” in the left sidebar. This project is part of the Vancouver’s Powell Street Festival, which celebrates the historic Japanese neighbourhood in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Thanks to everyone who’s been following my series I Know How Small A Story Can Be on this site. A new shrinking story will be posted tomorrow.



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