People Who Disappear on Something Daily + what this blog is for

A friend mentioned to me recently that she follows my blog and that all I seem to do with it is self-promote — post links to my reviews as they come in and plug readings and events in which I’m involved. She said, bluntly, that this gives people no reason to check in on my blog. I responded that I didn’t really intend this wordpress site to be a “blog” but rather a place people could find to learn about my work and get my email address if they wanted, because people had started to contact me through literary journals and I thought this was an undue hassle for the elves in the journal caves. (I have been one of those elves and still am. No offence intended. Also, I resemble an ork more than an elf.) So.

[SELF-PROMOTIONAL BREAK: I’m on Chad Pelley’s new blog Something Daily here talking about my book People Who Disappear and appearing as a giant disembodied author head. Terrifying. Chad used to run the well-known book blog Salty Ink and is going to be regularly featuring female Canadian authors in part as a response to the massive inequities in terms of gender in Canadian book reviews recently revealed by CWILA. Check out the statistics here if you haven’t already.]

So, this is all to say that I will be resuming my previous practice of posting my writing on this site. This will likely be a separate episodic project as I am plugging away at my second book, This Could Be You. This will start soon and will likely be photo-based.

In the meantime, I’m working on editing the Queer issue of Poetry Is Dead magazine, which will be released in the fall. The issue is going to be incredible, with work ranging from language-focused and experimental to lyrical work, spoken word pieces, and erotica. So! We will be blogging on the Poetry Is Dead site regularly starting soon, so check in. I will be writing some posts on the site relating to the Queer issue. There will be readings from contributors in the Fall also. You can find Poetry Is Dead on Facebook and Twitter where they participate avidly in “our national conversation.” You know. The one they broke down for you on CWILA.

And if you missed my previous post, I’m guest editing an issue of Montreal-based Incongruous Quarterly about Companion Animals. You can find the call for submissions here.

There I go again. So…



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