First review! People Who Disappear in The Globe and Mail + Salty Ink

Many thanks to The Globe and Mail‘s debut fiction reviewer, Jim Bartley, for his perceptive review of my collection of stories People Who Disappear. You can read the review here or click on the image below.

From the review:

It can take a while to twig to Leslie’s sometimes extravagant images and analogies. They’re not so much poetic depictions of objects and events as glimpses of how the world filters into a psyche, altering to a significance that’s deeply personal. Leslie captures the mind’s peculiar ways of layering and transforming experience. Her comparisons and metaphors can initially jar, then on reflection they tease out the essence of a moment.

You can purchase the book from Freehand here. In Vancouver it’s currently available at the People’s Coop bookstore on the Drive and Little Sisters on Davie.

Also thank you to Salty Ink which spotlights writing from Atlantic Canada and “broader waters” for including People Who Disappear in their 10 Spring titles to look for.



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