Poetry Is Dead Queer issue: call for submissions

The Vancouver-based Poetry Is Dead magazine is now accepting submissions for their upcoming Queer issue, which I’m guest editing.

We’re looking for submissions of poetry and experimental prose. I’d like to open up a space in this issue for language-focused prose, microfiction and other hybrids. Visual/text hybrid work is also welcome. All forms of poetry are welcome.

You can read the formal submissions guidelines on Poetry Is Dead‘s site here. Please take these guidelines as a general statement. If you have something you’re excited about and you’re not sure if it “fits,” send it anyway.

All writers who self-identify as Queer are welcome.

Deadline is June 1st. Go to PID‘s submissions page here to submit your work.

From bill bissett’s recently published novel (Talonbooks, 2011):

millyuns were goin/thru ths  maybe billyuns   ths splitring pain cutting thru/ sew manee intensyuns n sawd off memoreez ths wasint/finding mark he observed 2 himself   he had sat in sevn/clubs sew far    a range uv veree seedee 2 hygenik n wundrful/looking in dark cornrs back rooms   sew wher was he my/fingrs n hands opn 4 th words   the prson   th alwayze un/folding mystereez n hungr n th tropes shaping uv what he/ was wanting xpress    his hands around marks neck n hed/ lovr sew gone    pain back   how it goez sumtimes   no soshul/ setting   xcellent   now he cud get on with his writing   maybe/a novel ths time   as compensaysyun intrest  replacement/joy uv the partikuls uv texts   in themselvs   all ovr his bodee/all his cells filld with lettrs    messages had he lost his place in th remedee   yes   without mark    thats what it is




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