Collaboration at The Candahar

I’m collaborating with Vancouver poet Elizabeth Bachinsky on BLACKOUT AT THE CANDAHAR, a site-specific collaborative installation at The Candahar, an arts salon happening on Granville Island during the Vancouver Cultural Olympiad (click here for event details) in conjunction with the 2010 Olympics. We will be inviting you to black out sections of Olympics coverage & promotional materials and see what emerges… Come down to The Candahar to see great performances and make some erasure poetry.* The project was commissioned by subTerrain magazine and some audience-created poems will appear in a centrepiece folio in a post-Olympic issue of the magazine (Fall 2010). Come participate! 8 PM Feb 12-28 at the Playwrights Centre on Granville Island.
*”Aunt Mamie Talking About Supper” by Able Parris.


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